Tattoos for boys on hand

Best tattoos designs for boys on hand

Just like beards, tattoos look amazing on men. Tattoos have become inescapable in the last half-decade. Tattoos are there with you for life. So, before you decide on getting inked permanently, give it a deep thought. When it comes to tattoos, bigger and smaller, both are equally good and attractive. For your ease, here are the best tattoo designs for men in 2020. 

 1. Tribal Tattoo Design


Thanks to our ancient roots, tribal tattoos have come a long way in India‚Äôs tattoo trend. Such tattoos symbolize culture, strength, and power. From bold to interlocking patterns, there are many awesomely eye-catching and cool tribal tattoo ideas out there for you. 

2. Simple Tattoo Design


Tattoos do not always have to be big and elaborate to look cool. These days, simple, minimal and small tattoo designs are counted as the most stylish and fashionable options for men for all ages, build and physique.

 3. Animal Tattoo Design


Animal tattoos designs are perfect for conveying meanings like power, freedom, strength, loyalty and a lot more. All you need to do is pick the animal that best suits your personality. Other popular options that you can choose from are birds, wolves, elephants, tigers, lions and mythical creatures such as dragons and phoenixes.

4.  Portrait Tattoo Design


A portrait tattoo design is perfect for memorializing or celebrating a particular person or figure in your life. This is a very sensitive and heart-touching idea and people often get such tattoos of their loved ones or parents.  Make sure to choose an experienced and expert artist for a realistic result of the tattoo.

5. Lettering Tattoo Design


For lettering-design tattoos, the meaning not only comes from the words but also the style of the script can say a lot about it. Think through and pick the most-suited design for you. You can also ask your tattoo designer to suggest you some tattoo designs. 

6. Skull Tattoo Design


Skull tattoo designs are one of the favourites for men!  These are also one of the most popular tattoo designs for men of all ages around the world. You can get an incredibly versatile, simple or complex tattoo for you depending on how and what you want! 

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