Mehndi design Simple for kids – 2020

Young girls love getting mehndi. During the festive or wedding season, you will see girls excited to get mehndi with their mothers. One of the main reasons adults agree their kids have mehndi is that it is harmless to them. Once the mehndi dries, it is going to cause no harm or hindrance to any activity. We have assorted some convenient, stylish and easy mehndi design simple for kids as below:

Best Mehndi design Simple for kids in 2020

1. Old Moon Mehndi Design 


For your kid’s tiny hands, here is a cute mehndi design. Just make a circle in the middle of their palm and surround it with triangle-shapes, making it look like a flower.


You can also add small dots around it or maybe heart-shaped patterns to make the perfect mehndi for them. It is suitable for festivals or just casual family functions.

2. Glitter Mehndi Designs


For mehndi on the backside of the hand, you can make a small flower near the edge of the hand and apply glitters to fill in the shape. Your kid is going to love this easy and small mehndi design!


Glitters always attract the kids and are totally safe too! So, you can use them without any hesitation. This mehndi design is perfect for a family function.

3. Star-shaped Mehndi Design


Nothing can be more exciting for your kid than a beautiful starry mehndi design. It is even simple to make. Just make a few stars with glitters on your kid’s palm and surround them with small dots or arches.


See! This one is very simple and stylish. You can also make angels, flowers or other things that your child loves. This mehndi design is suitable for a kid’s party or family  function

4. Creeper Mehndi Design for Kids


If you want to keep the hand filled with creepers but yet simple and not a heavy look, then give the outline of flowers and spirals connected to it. Do not fill in the petals or gaps to avoid mehndi looking very heavy.


Because kids like such a simple pattern only as they are still unaware of the trend and designs. This mehndi design is perfect for family functions and festivals

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