Happy Birthday 1 – Happy Birthday Song with name

Do you wish to surprise someone on their birthday with a happy birthday song having their name in it? Download Happy Birthday song with a person’s name for FREE at 1happybirthday.com – both Hindi & English

Yes, you read that right, dedicate happy birthday song to your friends with their name in the song. This happy birthday 1 song is available for free in both Hindi as well as the English language.


Getting Happy Birthday song for your near & dear ones is rather quick and easy. Follow the steps given below and get a birthday song with the person name.

Steps to get Happy Birthday 1 Song with person name from 1happybirthday.com

  • Go to 1happybirthday.com
  • From the list of alphabets, click on the alphabet of the person’s first name first letter
  • A list of names starting from that alphabet would open up
  • Find the person’s name from the list and click on it
  • Now you can either download, send or play the song.

Send Happy birthday song with the person’s name over WhatsApp

This happy birthday 1 song is really good to ears and can be sent or shared over WhatsApp as well in addition to other modes of sharing, making your friends feel very special and privileged. Simply download the happy birthday, it will download in mp3 format, which can be easily shared over the WhatsApp.

Happy Birthday Song download explained with an example

For instance, if your birthday friend’s name is Tony, visit 1happybirhtday.com and click on alphabet “T”, scroll through the list and look for the name Tony. You will see the options to Send, Download or Play the special Happy Birthday Song with the person’s name.

If this link doesn’t work, click on this link

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